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Russian Bride Is a Dream Of Any Man: The Reasons Of It

Some people say: “Russian girls are the best wives and mothers”. Hundreds of men cross the ocean and thousand kilometers to come to Moscow and find there a perfect bride. On the other hand, there is another part of men who assure – this “phenomenon” of Russian bride is only a myth and a perfect wife is possible to find at any another country. Whom can we believe? We will try to look at this situation from different sides and find everything out.

The Secret Of Russian Beauty

There is one theory that explains why Russian consider being the most beautiful nation. In the Middle Ages in Europe, there was a cruel war with witches and witchery. People were sure: if the girl was beautiful, in-demand of men, she had uniquely applied for black magic and witchcraft. In the time of witch-hunting, such an act was a deadly sin, that is why all pretty girls were killed and only less beautiful were left to give birth and continue generation.

secret of russian beauty

At the same time in Russia, the image of which was painted of ugly, old, grey-headed, big-nosed granny. It explains why beauties have never had problems because of their appearance.

Agree, that this theory is exciting, but it is only a story that was formed ages ago. Nowadays man wants to see not only beauty in his partner, but a careful mother of his kids, supportive wife, the reliable friend that will stay with him the whole life. That is why let's see modern Russian girl with all her features.

Does Russian Girl Think She Is Beautiful?

Don’t think that Russian girl will insist on loving her the way she is and appearance she was given by nature. The character of Russian bride is extremely competitive, that is why she should always be the best among the best. If she has decided to find a man, she will try to stay always pretty and attractive, wherever she goes, and if she finds him and become a wife, she will do her best to stay always nice behind her husband – even if they live together with the whole life. For Russian lady, beauty is a smart combination of natural and additional (fitness, make-up etc.)

She also realizes that inner beauty is more important than the beauty of eyes, body or underwear. Thus, she always tries to develop herself in different directions. For example, if you are a football lover, she will watch matches with you to understand how it works and do her best to become a good interlocutor for you. If you like to joke, she will laugh. But if you overdo, she will correctly hint at it.

The Mentality of Russian Women

To realize the mentality of Russian girl it is more practical to come back not to the history of witchcraft, but to children and bringing up. As a rule, the man is the main in any Russian family. However, in the USSR women have received a huge liberty and equality with men in choosing a profession and getting posts. Each woman had a chance to become a doctor, a professor, a president. As a result of it – career became the top 1 mission for life but not family, kids and relations. Since that time a girl is growing up in Russian family under the idea: career should be smartly mixed with a family life, but not be the main. Only harmonium combination of these two aspects can bring happiness. So, good wife and mother – how she should look like? There are some points of view.

mentality of russian women

Russian Cuisine As a Way To Any Men’s Hear

The main stereotype about Russian cuisine consists of high-fat food that is good only for vodka to take a bite. Partly, it has sense, but only in the aspect of big portions and variety. Russians are crazy about health food and always try to buy the freshest ingredients. While European women grow flowers in their garden, Russian grow all possible vegetables, fruits and strawberries to be sure that they eat natural food. They will hardly give TV-dinner from a shop as a dinner to the family. They love to cook, it is like a traditional deal of each female in Russia.

One more myth is around Russian narrowness in cuisines. Russian lady knows a lot of recipes from different countries and cultures, and be sure – if you ask her to cook the Italian or Spanish meal, she will cook it the tastiest way! The question lays in another point - not all cuisines are suitable for Russian girls that prefer fresh and less-calorie food. Anyway, did you know that Russian cuisine is a mix of cookbooks from different countries? That is why don’t be afraid to get bored of dishes your bride gonna cook. She has a lot of culinary secrets that will impress your tastes. And the main – whatever she is cooking, she always add a part of her soul with a salt and a pepper, so anyway it will be a masterpiece!

Home As The Coziest Place Ever

Untidy home is the worst dream of any Russian girl. Be ready that cleaning day will be each day because a girl is responsible for a comfortable home with a clean floor, tidy up things on the table and folded clothes on the sofa. There are non-reasons to stop her from doing this. Clean and cozy home is her reason of pride that makes her happy and satisfied.

Children Live In love and Tenderness

For Russian woman bringing a kid to this world is not just a mission given her by nature. It is the biggest desire and long-awaited happiness of her life. Be ready that your space created by your wife that if full of love, tender, care, and patient will be shared with a baby. Russian don’t understand how it is possible to live a kid on a babysitter if it is not a granny – they don’t trust anyone. When kids become older, they try to develop them in all possible directions - sport, art, theater, dancing. This desire to make her kid progress will not leave any mother at any period of a kids life. She will always try to give him all he needs and open as many opportunities behind as it is possible.

time for herself

Time for Herself

The role of mother is the number one priority for each girl, but don’t think that this is all that interests Russian woman! She will always be well-oriented in the latest news, modern trends, politics and everything that is going on around. She realizes that non-man wants to see nanny nearby, thus she will do her best to be a good partner for conversation and an interesting person in any company.

Kind of Man That Russian Bride Needs

There are 2 aspects that Russian bride expects from her husband:

  1. He should provide the family with money. While a woman takes care of a family nest, a man should earn money for basic things that family needs.
  2. Be a gentleman. See her changes in appearance, get interested in her life, be a part of her inner world.

These things are not difficult, they border with duties that each man has, but make a family live longer and full of joy.

"I Want to Become a Mail Order Bride!" - Why?

Internationalism is a part of the mentality of Russian girls. The desire to marry a foreigner and make him happy is in their blood because they believe – crossing a mental gap and exchanging traditional specifies is more existing and successful for a family life.

How to Meet a Mail Order Bride?

Sure, you can go directly to Moscow and search a girl in bars, where it is not difficult to meet someone. You will not be the only one in this wife-hunting. But as a practice shows, this variant is not successful and girls prefer to refuse such man who came through the ocean, seating in a bar, drinking whiskey and tell something about serious purpose.

how to meet a mail order bride

Much more chances you have if search a wife through mail order bride. We agree, that going through oceans for finding a bride sounds very romantic, but let’s be realists – it is very expensive and no one guarantees you will fulfill your goals. Another way – online mail order bride platforms. There are thousands of girls including Russian that dream about a husband from abroad. You as a potential husband don’t have to waste your time and money for something you are not sure at. Here all the girls are opened and ready to say you “yes”.

Be Attentive With Scams

Online fraud is a well-known phenomenon. Often it happens because websites are hacked into by some technical tricks. But there are some more variants of scamming. Here is some advice for you on how to identify fake websites:

  • Learn a structure. While serious companies that are looking for long time business with legitimate activity create websites that are full of information an look reliable, companies for quick earnings prefer to make a half-built website that works only a few days. Pay attention to functional and navigation, texts and all details.
  • Prices. Reliable marriage agency is not a free service you can chat with anyone. It is a platform that checks people before the registration and only candidates – either men or women – with serious intention have chances to be added. Paying money for these services is a contribution into future where you will definitely meet a Russian bride.
  • Be warned of promises. If you see that websites guarantees for 100% success at meeting a bride from your dream, only pay for service - don’t believe it. Love is a feeling that is impossible to buy thus no one can promise you a success in love affairs. Legal websites will only promise to help in finding a perfect Russian bride for you, further is up to your destiny.